Monday, December 8, 2008


these are my last two animated projects, yay i'm done.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Charlie the Horse

this is my last character design project for this semester, i love him.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Royal Winter Fair Animal Drawings

it's was a fun day at the fair, and there were farm animals and poo everywhere. was there about 5 hours drawing here and there, these are my best drawing of what came out that day, we needed some sketches and some studies, my fav is the one with the two cows lay next to each other.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Box Fold of Fail and Win

This is the box fold of epic fail.

and this is the box fold of win!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Amy Donkers
5180 3rd line, Rockwood ON, N0B 2K0 • (226)820-0910 •

Communication and Organizational Skills

  • Has provided the need to expand my knowledge in order to learn as much as possible.
  • High attention to detail
  • Neat, orderly and efficient
  • Is there to provide support to co-workers.

Technical Art Skills

  • Substantial knowledge of anatomy, structure and perspective
  • Strong understanding of colour theory and lighting
  • Proven ability to adapt to a wide variety of visual styles
  • Communicates clearly in drawings using aspects of performance and animation principles

Software Skills

  • Substantial knowledge of Adobe CS5 including Photoshop and After Effects,Autodesk Maya and Paintool SAI
  • Good knowledge of Flipbook, Autodesk Mudbox and Microsoft Office.


Bachelor of Applied Arts: Animation
 Sheridan College, Oakville ON.                                                              Graduated 2012
  • Curriculum covers a broad variety of disciplines related to production including layout, painting, and design as well as classical, stop motion, and 3D animation.
  • Involved in producing a short film with a small group of students.
Art Fundamentals                                                                              
 Sheridan College, Oakville ON.                                                              Graduated 2008 
  • Graduated with over 3.25 GPA
  • Involved with several different types of art mediums.

Tim Hortons
Supervisor, Baker and Sandwiches, Guelph ON                                   October 2012-present
  • As Supervisor it is my responsibly to keep employees focused on tasks, training, customer concerns, switching tills and being able to work any position at a moments notice. 
  • As Baker you are responsible for keeping all baked goods in stock, rotating expired products: making sure all goods are fresh tossing anything that is stale and old. Working with the demands of rush times, making sure all the shelves are filled if a rush clears them out.
  • As the Sandwich Unit I am responsible for meeting the demands of a fast pace environment. Making sure I keep all food produce in stock, rotating and expired food. As well as taking temperatures every 2 hours to make sure food is in the safe temperature zone.

Self-Employed Freelance
Commissions for character design, Guelph ON                                             2011-2013
  • Designed character art from scratch. Client would provide a description along with reference photos so I could design a character for their personal use. This process would go between the client and me tweaking the designs based on their critiques.
  • Worked within timed deadlines, while personally managing my work.
  • Commutation was key between the client and myself.
Big Studios Inc.
Animation Internship, Toronto ON                                                             June-August 2011
  • Worked on a Promotion for a Cartoon Show Pitch
  • Created simple character animations
  • Drawn out concept art and situational drawings
Donkers Poultry Farm
 General Worker, Family Farm, Elora ON                                                  2002- October 2012
  • Maintain lawns through grass cutting; weed removal and laying down mulch.
  • Assisted in general cleaning of barns and collection of eggs.
A&W Woodlawn
Cook, Guelph ON                                                                             August 2007- July 2008 
  • Prepared daily ingredients
  • Cooked and assembled meals
  • Washed dishes
  • Performed general cleaning for kitchen
  • Interaction with customers for special orders

Saturday, November 1, 2008

character posing

i had a hard thime with this project barely any motivation thats why it's not the best quialty

More bone drawings

the scapula and verterbrae

Hand and feet drawings

we had to draw 12 hands and 12 feet, enjoy

Seaweed And color Bowling Ball

this is my seaweed animation, done for the first part of our 2nd assignment.

and then here is my 2nd digital animation

Friday, October 24, 2008

Book Page Turn Animation

the 2nd part of 2 animations for my 2nd project, the book page turn, i think with how i drew the book it looks alittle off when you see it go from long to really short.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Colour Boucing Ball

Did this in digital tools, it's abit fast but the timing wasn't the point at the time.

First Animation Project

Rubber Ball

The boucing ball animation the rubber ball being the easiest and quickest one to do.

Bowling ball



First Painting Project part 2

2nd painting was the gradient

3rd painting was more 3D

and the last painting was one of the last three, of your choice, painted in monochromatic

Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Painting Project part 1

This is my thumbnail for the final produce, the top picture is the first doodle of it and then the 2nd drawing is the very rough of my idea.

This is the final drawing and layout for the painting.

The first painting we had to do was flat colors. in grey scale

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I feel...empty headed...i wonder why?

my drawing of the skull for my life drawing class

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pelvis Drawings

The first bone my group got, and i was the first one to get it yay. this was the hardest for me.

Good Morning Storyboard

I don't feel i did too great on this i did it last mintue and i didn't fidn the topic very apealing, or using myself as the topic either, but snice it's a part of our animation course i'm posting it on here anyway

Bouncing Ball Background

For digital tools we had to color our background from our bouncing ball project, i felt like making mine green.

Name Slate

This is the title page i made for digital tools class, we could do anything as long as we put in our name and class. So i desided i wanted to do my main character Rick, i donno i just love him he's my fav outta all my characters

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pepper Character Rotation

This is pepper the character i made to use for my character rotation, for character design class. she may look like a cat but she's a red Panda i'll post a color picture of her soon enough. yeah i've noticed after i finished that her head isn't the same size in each pose grr

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Animation Portfolio

Ok i'm going to post every piece i put into this portfolio, to you what got me into this course in the first place.