Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pelvis Drawings

The first bone my group got, and i was the first one to get it yay. this was the hardest for me.

Good Morning Storyboard

I don't feel i did too great on this i did it last mintue and i didn't fidn the topic very apealing, or using myself as the topic either, but snice it's a part of our animation course i'm posting it on here anyway

Bouncing Ball Background

For digital tools we had to color our background from our bouncing ball project, i felt like making mine green.

Name Slate

This is the title page i made for digital tools class, we could do anything as long as we put in our name and class. So i desided i wanted to do my main character Rick, i donno i just love him he's my fav outta all my characters

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pepper Character Rotation

This is pepper the character i made to use for my character rotation, for character design class. she may look like a cat but she's a red Panda i'll post a color picture of her soon enough. yeah i've noticed after i finished that her head isn't the same size in each pose grr

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Animation Portfolio

Ok i'm going to post every piece i put into this portfolio, to you what got me into this course in the first place.


Yep i made this blogspot for my animation class,, so for the next 4 years i'll be posting projects and that kind stuff from now on, if you want to see my personal art go to