Saturday, February 7, 2009

Coraline and Jeff Dunham

just came back from watching coraline, i loved it! the stop-motino animation was so well done, it must of be pain staking. i never read the book so i only knew what i did from the trailer, and i walked out fairly pleased. the movies isn't for little kids it made me jump once or twice soo the wee ones would get more scared.watched it in 3D and iit was well done as well it's been a long time snice i watched a movie in 3D, but it's not so much in your face type of 3D, only like once or twice did it somewhat happen.also i saw Deff Dunham live the other night, man he was awesome, i wish i was closer, but still it was live even tho you couldn't reall see the expresstions without the big screen. i liked it at the end were he pulled out a t-shirt canon and started fireing them into the crowd.I got an Achmed T-shirt but i had to pay for itman i've had a good time, now i'm disappointed that i have to do homework all weekend

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